Obesity is a medical complication caused by the coalition of excessive consumption of energy giving foods with inadequate physical exercises to the body. Eating is not bad but it becomes a menace when it is too much and has negative implications for the body. A person is considered obese if his/her body mass exceeds the normal rate. Overweight is associated with obesity. Obesity can also be genetically passed from the parent to a child although very few cases have been reported to cause obesity.

Recent research has shown that Lifestyle as an essential health determinant in the 21st century.

66% of people with health complications are lifestyle related issues. Examples of such lifestyle are a high intake of too much meat, dairy products, vegetable oils, tobacco, sugary foods, junk, non-alcoholic, and alcoholic beverages are very unhealthy and lead to weak obese individuals. Obesity increases the risk of many physical and mental medical conditions.

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First, overweight increases risk of health diseases such as:

Hypertension; Blood pressure is the force exerted on the walls of your arteries while transporting blood to the rest of the body. The higher pressure on the artery walls the higher the blood pressure. In obese individuals, the heart is forced to pump blood harder to supply blood to all body cells and this excess blood pressure may overweigh the heart pumping capability and cause serious heart problems. Excess body fats damage the kidneys which help regulate blood pressure. Excess body fats accumulate beneath the skin or on the cardiac muscles of the heart when not well digested. Accumulation of excess fats in the heart cardiac muscles also overweigh the heart pumping mechanism and raise the heart rate, therefore, reducing the heart’s ability to transport blood through the blood vessels. Excess fats also cause blood clots in the arteries and intern cause stroke or Coronary vascular complications. The metabolism rate of obese people is also very slow therefore food is slowly digested causing surplus fat in the body. Generally, Cardiovascular effects of overweight include precordial pain; angina, myocardial infarction and cardiac failure. Intern of the central nervous system influences overstimulation, restlessness, nervousness, insomnia, tremor, dizziness and headache, fatigue and facial swelling. When the heart is not functioning well no organ will function so weight loss should be given priority.

Arthritis; Obesity may cause arthritis due to two reasons. First Weight plays an important role in joint stress. Logically excess load on the joints cause pain and discomfort, the more weight on joints, the more the joint pains and the more likely that the joints are damaged. Weight-bearing joints are the most affected that is the knees and hips.

Obese individuals are at a huge risk of suffering from Cancer which is the second leading cause of death worldwide. Cancer occurs when cells in any part of the body abnormally grow. At times cancerous cells may spread to other parts of the body, such as the liver. Fat cells may release hormones that affect cell growth hence lead to cancer. In women breast cancer is most common.

For an individual to lose weight, change in lifestyle or eating habits may not help so much.

The whole digestive process depends upon many factors, such as metabolism, digestion rate, hormones and many others which are not easily controllable. Getting medical advice on the proper medication may greatly help in losing weight. The most recommended and prescribed medication by many doctors is phentermine

Phentermine is a diet pill which suppresses appetite and limits intake of calories. The drug is an anti-obesity drug that is medically vindicated over the years to help in weight loss. Phentermine is very strong and it only prescribed to individuals with 300 pounds and above. It works on the principle of triggering central nervous system and changing some neurotransmitter to decrease appetite in a person. It works by boosting the metabolic activities which burn calories faster than normal for faster weight loss.

The Body Mass Index required for a patient to be prescribed phentermine is a B.M.I greater than 30 which many diabetic patients normally have due to weight gain. Phentermine can be taken by both male and female in need to lose weight. Phentermine dose is recommended for 12 weeks of use for visible weight loss results. The drug is proven to shed 15-20 lbs in a month. It serves well patients who cannot limit themselves from eating less. The dose and the period it will take to lose weight may differ depending on the user’s situation.

Phentermine is sold with different brand names and formulations worldwide, the names include, Acxion, Adipex, Duromine, Elvenir, Fastin, Lomaira, Qsymia, Razin, Redusa, Sentis, and Suprenza. Phentermine is orally administered and the gastrointestinal tract absorbs the drug. it is available in capsule and tablet forms which work same. The diet pill is available in three different dosages which are 15mg, 30mg and 37.5 mg. The dosage varies depending on the condition of the patient. The 15mg is the lowest dosage for individuals who just need a limit on their diets; 30mg is the moderate dosage and 37.5 for patients with high obesity issues. Health practitioners have divided the 37.5 mg dose of phentermine into two times dose for faster weight loss.

Users of phentermine should always have their body mass index monitored constantly during the weigh losing program to determine if the treatment is helpful or a higher dosage should be administered.

Phentermine is not a onetime medication drug. It requires consistency when using it to maintain the positive effects on weight loss. Many who have benefited from the drug have reported regaining weight on stopping Phentermine medication. This proves that the effects of phentermine are short-term. The anti suppressants feature ceases to function as soon as the patients discontinue the use of Phentermine.

Phentermine was approved in 1959 by the United States FDA and the United Nations International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) also approved phentermine combined with different drugs as an anorectic drug although patients are recommended to take only the dose prescribed by a qualified doctor. The drug is well stated to be used by individuals with more than 300pounds and hence taking phentermine at a normal weight or underweight would adversely cause harmful effects. Taking a lower prescription than prescribed would not properly function and also taking an excessive dose is extremely hazardous because it has severe side effects which include headaches, hallucinations, nausea, vomiting, Diarrhea, Stomach cramps, Irregular heartbeat, rapid breathing, fainting, feeling of light-headedness, constipation and sometimes even death. It is also very addictive.

Phentermine use is disapproved to people with a history of drug abuse, allergic to amine drugs, have cardiovascular disease, pregnant women, or those planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding women. Pregnant women taking phentermine together with other medications are advised to stop because the drug can cause a reaction with the genes causing pulmonary hypertension which is harmful to the lung. No scientific evidence has been provided on the effect of phentermine on the fetus but generally, it is very unhealthy and risky. Food and Drug Administration FDA classified phentermine as a Class X drug due to its harm to a pregnant mother. In breastfeeding women, just like many other drugs, when lactating mothers take phentermine, it goes to the baby’s brains which could cause agitation to the growing brain of the child which will lead to direct death. Alcohol also does not interact well with phentermine

There are few over-the-counter Phentermine weight loss pills available without the prescription and they have proven to hold the same level of weight loss effects like Phentermine but their negative effects differ from the original Phentermine

The stimulant should be used with plenty of water, a proper diet, regular exercises, proper sleep and a balanced diet plan. Exercising or any Physical activities improves the level of body tolerance and help in tightening the skin by burning the extra fat deposits beneath the skin. Exercises also maintain the shape, complexion, and condition of the skin. Exercise also assists balance body hormones by making them adapt to the changes taking place in the body due to phentermine. Exercising even after the weight loss program may at times maintain the results although it is not yet confirmed to be true. Enough sleep during the night is also a key element when using Phentermine. A good diet helps bridge the gap as your body stabilizes itself in response to regular exercise.

The drug is recommended at the most delicate and risky stage of obesity due to its strong effect on weight reduction. Phentermine starts functioning immediately and within a few hours the user may claim to experience dryness of mouth, high levels of energy or a slight lack of concentration but these will reduce as the drug starts to take effect.

The drug is legally sold but only on prescription and only for patients who are in the deep verge of obesity. It is very strong and visiting the doctor for the prescription is important to prescribe the proper dose. However, just like any other drug, it has side effects when suppressing appetite although not all the side effects occur in case they start occurring, patients are advised to get medical assistance.

When overdosed.

Some people have complained of stomach irritation when they take the drug before meals but the best time to take Phentermine is early in the morning on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before taking any meal to give time for metabolism. In case of irritation, patients are always encouraged to take flaxseed drinks to ease the irritation. Phentermine can also be taken 1-2 hours after breakfast. Taking phentermine before going to bed minimizes the efficacy of the compound.

The best supplements are PhenQ, Phen375, and Ph.375. Phen375 is the best non-prescription pills which have proven to suppress weight effectively.

PhenQ vs. phen375; PhenQ at a glance looks similar to other products in the market. Their ingredient list is no different from the other products except for one thing, α-Lacy reset, which is their trade secret. The α-Lacy reset is a trademarked formula designed to increase your body metabolism by activating the body’s natural thermogenesis, thus increasing the body heat and burns calories. On the other hand Phen375 aids in weight loss in two ways. They phen375 increases the body metabolism and suppresses appetite. Phen375 is designed more specifically to induce thirst which increases the rate water intake that aids in the flushing out of toxins contained within our fat reserves after being released into our bodies. Ph.375 is also available over-the-counter and is very safe.

Phen375 vs. Ph.375; Ph.375 formula utilizes the potent ingredient to achieve weight loss benefits. We the pill is ingested it adjusts the body metabolism thus increasing fat breakdown. It also works to activate the body thermo-genic process that leads to the oxidation of body fats thus the energy level of the body is improved. The ph.375 also suppresses the appetite that in turn helps regulate the rate of food intake and calories. Alternatively, the phen375 induces thirst increasing the rate of water intake that flushes out the toxic content contained in the fat that is released into the body when metabolism occurs during the intake of the phen375 pill. It also suppresses the appetite. This leads to high rate of weight loss in the safest and fastest way possible. Phen375 is the chose for many who have used it in the past due to its advanced efficacy.

PhenQ holds the same weight loss properties and reduces body fat percentage considerably. It is referred to as “a fat burner’’.

Factors that determine the time taken by phentermine to work effectively in the body include;

The Body size of the user. On normal occasions, phentermine takes 5-6 days of time in the digestive system. Mostly the height and weight of an individual also depend.

Taking other medicines when still taking phentermine may also affect the functionality of the stimulant. Use of some anti-depressants like is prohibited while the user is taking phentermine; it causes the delayed results and causes “Serotonin Syndrome”.

The rate of metabolic activities. Patients with thin body types have a fast metabolic rate where movement is faster through the digestive system within a short time.

Caffeine is also confirmed to decrease the amount of Phentermine in the bloodstream, hence reducing the effect of the medication. Caffeine fastens the drug through the body more rapidly, clearing the drug out of the system quicker than it should. This interference leads to undesired results.

The dosage quantity also determines how long it will be in the bloodstream.

Phentermine is available in different strengths ranging from 15 mg to 37.5 mg.

Intake Formation, either in table or capsules forms. Capsules take longer to be realized in the bloodstream than tablets. The drugs longest life in the body is around 24 hours. During this time the liver to metabolize the compound or come out of the body unchanged, without causing harm.

Many people are confusing phentermine with amphetamine with questions being raised whether phentermine leaves negative effects afterward and if a drug test is administrated on the user will there be traces of the drug in the blood like amphetamine. Specialists have answered all these questions explaining that due to phentermine chemical structure which is similar to amphetamine to some extent, the blood test will test positive, but if the drug is used well according to doctor’s prescription, phentermine should test negative. These also confirm the uniqueness of the compound. Another technique is to avoid phentermine like 5 days before the drug test to eliminate possible remaining traces of phentermine from the system.

Phentermine is only available in legally authorized drug stores, unlike amphetamine, to maintain the brand quality. Brands like PhenQ, Phen375, and Ph.375 can be purchased in a price range of $60 to $180 which is giving you 1-3 months’ supply. The prescription from a doctor only cost about $190. The best way to purchase phentermine is from qualified online sites where there are online health experts 24hours

In a nutshell, it is the desire of my obese people to lose weight. Going to the gym is a good solution but without a proper diet plan, an exercise regimen and good supplement it is all in vain. Phentermine is the oldest weight loss formula and it is most recommended for its amazing weight reduction ability. The results of using Phentermine include; reduced exposure to diet diseases, significant weight reduction, increased metabolic rate and a visible “slimming effect”.

The success rate of Phentermine diet pills has been affirmed by the millions of users and the online reviews have also proved phentermine is the best diet pill in the market. Majority of people trust the compound and although not all patients have gotten the desired results to lose weight through using phentermine, 85% of patients are satisfied and will continue to use the product as a supplement. Phentermine is the best diet pill in the current market and obese individuals are highly recommended to use it.